Friday, February 06, 2009

Take videos on YouTube with you!

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube and wished you could view it on your blocked school-site computer? How cool it would be to be able to download an educationally relevant video, put it on a flash drive and show it the day to your students in class? Well now you can! Follow the directions on this site:

... and you'll be able to turn those YouTube videos into files that will play on your computer. The files can get pretty big, so make sure you have enough space on that flash drive to hold all of your new video treasures!


Thursday, February 05, 2009

At SDCOE for training

I'm currently attending a two day training about how to effectively use technology to support literacy. I love going to sessions like this and ALWAYS get something out of them. I'm getting lots of great tech nuggets and am capturing the URLs and ideas on a Google Doc. ( This way I can later evaluate at a deeper level things that I'm learning in this session. Often times I'll make connections and come up with ideas that I didn't think of while actually in the session. There's that "Reflective" thing going on again! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Started Teaching Again

A new semester has begun. Last week I began yet another semester of ED 422. I look forward to the class: There's always something to share, to teach, to learn! Each semester can be a very enriching experience. And away we go doing the geeky-ed-techy thingy!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photos and PDFs

A couple online applications for you today:

Snipshot is a website that will allow you to do some simple photo editing. It's online and allows you to save your edited work to your desktop. Cool!

PDF Online allows you to create PDFs from various file formats.

-MS Word (DOC | RTF)
-MS PowerPoint (PPT)
-MS Publisher (PUB)
-MS Excel (XLS)
-Text (TXT)



Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I recently found out about a new online resource at It's a site that has a lot of online apps, most of them for FREE! I've been searching for something that helps students and teachers collaborate online in various ways. The suite of apps on Google Docs is not bad, but I've had trouble signing people up to them. This may be another cool alternative.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Goo Gone

I love it when someone comes to me with a problem that I can help them with. Must be the "wanna fixit" part of my personality. You know, the one that gets you into trouble when people just want you to listen ... but that's another story.

Last week my secretary made a "grr" sound while her head was buried in the supply cabinet. Knowing that "grr" usually indicated a respectable level of frustration, I inquired "wassup?"

Apparently there was a fair amount of unruly sticky goop in the cabinet that was refusing to be removed. I said "Ahh! I have just what you need! I'll bring some Goo Gone from home. It removes sticky stuff. Works like a charm!"

Today I brought a bottle of Goo Gone to the office and a little while later I heard a "Wow, this stuff is like a miracle!" coming from the area that "grr" came from last week. I quietly and smugly smiled.

I wish technology were more often as dependable. Here's a scene that happens all too often: Someone comes to me with a problem, I propose a technology based solution (Ah! Try this calendar, or wiki, or mail list, or document creator, etc.) and even go so far to demonstrate it ... and then it fails in some way. Instead of feeling like the Techno Saviour replete with flowing red cape, I feel more like a door to door used vacuum cleaner salesman trying to hock his wares.

People "tsk tsk", smile politely and dismiss my strategy as "too complicated" or "not something they are interested in ... Not sure why tech stuff so often fails at precisely the moment that I place high hopes of getting that "Wow, this stuff is like a miracle" response. Gremlins, unreasonable expectations?

Grrr ...

Does anyone know of some Tech Gremlin Goo Gone?

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Although there are some restrictions for the FREE account, 25GB of online storage is pretty cool! Check it out here: